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Previous experiences

I had the opportunity of working in an international team, managing my personal time, I also learned some important things about myself.

The conference and the workshops were awesome. People! They are the best part of AIESEC!
Simona Jakaitė
Member - Kaunas
I became more professional by working in a company environment and it gave me more confidence for the future especially when my Master's course is going to end. I also became more comfortable with making friends from completely different cultures and striking up conversation and overall having a good time with people who I might meet for the first time.
nitish Guleya
Nitish Guleya
Intern in Germany
#withaiesec I am feeling a part of big family. I’ve increased confidence level and self-awareness. I became a more open-minded and extraverted. It is a growing experience.
Ieva Kovalevskyte
Branch Operations Manager - Vilnius
Stebėdama vietinius gyventojus išmokau labiau pasitikėti savimi ir atsipalaiduoti, įgyjau savarankiškumo ir išsiugdžiau vaizduotę, kai tekdavo suktis iš situacijų pritrūkus veiklų ir užsiėmimų.
Greta Baldauskaite
Greta Baldauskaite
Volunteer in Nepal
Leadership! Before AIESEC, Leader was like another word for the manager. Totally wrong. In AIESEC you learn – that you don’t need to have a role to be a leader (of course it helps); you need to be a leader everywhere… but most importantly you need to be a leader with yourself. Be the Leader.
Diana Žukauskaitė
Former CEO
Patobulinau anglų kalbą, pažinau italų kultūra iš labai arti, išmokau geriau planuoti laiką bei tapau labiau nepriklausoma.
Goda Urbonaitė
Volunteer in Italy
I can define my experience with the word leadership. I am more self-driven to accomplish the things I set out for myself. Also, I see myself having more responsibility and drive towards the goals I wish to achieve.
Povilas Mendeika
Branch Marketing Manager - Vilnius ISM
Taip, rekomenduočiau. Bet visų pirma dalyvis turėtų žinoti ar jam jo reikia. Jeigu reikia, tuomet rekomenduočiau išsikelti kartelę ir lūkeščius, ko jis tikisi iš projekto organizatorių ir pasikalbėti apie tai su jais prieš pasirašant sutartį, kad projekto metu netektų nusivilti. Įsigilinti į projekto principus ir detales.
Volunteer in Moldova
While being a member of this organization, I invariably got out from my comfort zone and even notice some of my strengths which I have never thought of having.

I saw how much teamwork enables you to accomplish tasks more efficiently.
Emilija Baltaduonytė
Branch Finance Manager - Kaunas KTU

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