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You can gain experience in new cross-cultural settings, equip yourself with new skills and add value to your workplace.

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Our pool of opportunities is growing across fields - we're sure you'll find one best fitting your background and experiences.

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Our partners are dedicated to providing you with an enriching leadership experience sure to put you ahead of your peers.

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Our support

Our AIESEC members in both your home and host countries will make sure to be there every step of the way before leaving for your project and while you are abroad!

We develop youth leaders

We believe that youth are the key to shaping a better future. Through our experiences, we strive to develop youth leaders with the following qualities.

Empowering others empowering-others

Engage with all kinds of people towards achieving a purpose bigger than yourself. This is how you can empower others around you.

Solution oriented empowering-others

Volunteering abroad isn’t easy, but surpassing challenges is what makes it worth it. You will learn how to be solution-oriented.


empowering-others Self awareness

Going beyond what you know opens up new worlds for you. Find your values, explore your passions, and become more self-aware.

empowering-othersWorld Citizen

Making your contribution and seeing your impact in real-time will show you that you can indeed make a difference in the world.

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  • Go through selection process

    After you apply for a project, you will be contacted by us and receive information on the selection process.

  • Get ready!

    Once you’re selected, it’s time to pack your bags and prepare all the logistic - don’t worry we’ll be there to help!

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